If you want to create and share astonishing elearning courses you should have a look at this list of powerful Authoring tools.


Eucidat is extremely easy to use web-based e-Learning authoring platform which allows developers to develop responsive e-Learning programs. It also allows complete control on branding and interactivity.

The expert advice: One of the most easy tools to develop responsive e-Learning

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Claro is a responsive web-based collaborative e-Learning content management system. It allows content authors to collaborate on development, share resources, and also engage on reviews

The expert advice: Come with large collection of royalty free images and characters

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gomo provides two great products that enable you to create, host, update and track beautiful multi-device learning, anywhere. There’s no other authoring solution on the market offering such fast, simple content creation and seamless hosting and analytics capability as gomo.

The expert advice: Truly meant for all types of companies including enterprises as well

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Composica is a robust e-Learning authoring system that brings new meaning to the term team-work. Its combination of reusable learning objects and improved collaboration between team members significantly shortens development time.

The expert advice: Greatest value is the ability to allow multiple teams to work collaboratively on projects

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Lectora is available in three variants Lectora Publisher, Lectora Inspire, and Lectora Online. Lectora Online is a collaborative cloud authoring platform which allows team members to work in the cloud on any operating system.

The expert advice: Lectora is easy to work with and provides lot of flexibility for course development

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nimbleAuthor is extremely easy to use cloud based collaborative e-Learning authoring platform which also allows backing up your courses on a PC. It provides complete control when it comes to branding the course as per organization.

The expert advice: Pay as you go LMS functionality available if one needs to host courses as well

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It is a rapid e-learning development tool offering complete solution for creating, organising, and publishing courses online. It is a very simple and easy-to-use to use tool which can be used by users from any background.

The expert advice: Availability of VideoArt courses could be a great asset

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