Global expenditure in digital in 2015 continues to grow around the world, driven by Mobility, Cloud, Big Data, Iot and Web. And for the digital professionals career opportunities are becoming more numerous around the world. According to the latest data of the Observatory of e-skills 2015, the demand for specialized profiles in the digital sector is growing strongly. However, is still true that companies, and government authorities, have difficulties in finding the most requested profiles.

Two are the main reasons:

  • the recruitment channels choice;

  • the skills gap of digital professionals.

In this article we provide tips to the digital professionals who are looking for a first job or who want to improve their employment status. Let’s consider together the two issues: where to look for job and how to enrich our own set of skills.


The recruitment channels

The recruitment channels are different according to the type of organization. However, we could say that:

  • professional network prevails between ICT companies;
  • companies from different sectors rely primarily on head hunting, especially to hire to the highest profiles;
  • public competition is mainly used through Public Administrations (both central and local).

Linkedin (and generally social media) is one of the recruitment channels, but may not constitute a special channel for the search. So, How could we get noticed? Build a good network of contacts in your own field of expertise appears to be the most effective choice. If you don’t have a strong network of school and universities connections, you should start build a new one both through face-to-face and virtual channels. And let’s come out of cover: attend open days, presentations, seminars and enroll in all social groups in your professional area (trying to make some contribution to the discussion to get noticed!).


Improve your digital skills and competences

An Engineering degree is no longer enough to get a first job or even more to give a boost the career. Is necessary to adjust continuously skills to market needs: stop learning is not a winning strategy.

But how to choose the right training course? First of all remember that companies of all sizes give maximum emphasis on certifications. Certifications allow companies to meet technical requirements (to work with important and innovative customers) and compliance (to participate in public and private tenders). So a digital professional who wants to get noticed must acquire the right certifications.

Here are the most required certifications (some are related only to very large companies):

  • Certifications on proprietary technologies and solutions
  • Process certifications such as ITIL and Cobit Framework
  • Certifications in the field of security
  • Certifications in Project Management

Online courses for digital professionals

Offering of training courses for digital professionals is growing exponentially. Although companies continue to prefer training on the job to train its internal resources, mainly for budgetary reasons, online courses are preferred by individual digital professionals. The reasons are obvious: online courses can be enjoyed at any time and through any device and then respond to the widespread lack of “time” amongst professionals.

How to choose the right online course?

Here are 3 helpful tips:

  • Do not be confined by national boundaries, but look for suppliers all over the world
  • Make sure certifications of acquired skills are available at the end of the course
  • Verify that the mode of use of the course are in line with their own needs time

This is an initial list of international online courses providers.

What are the most difficult profiles to find?

Among the most wanted profiles from information technology companies we find:

  • ICT Security Specialist
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • System Architect
  • Chief Operations Officer (CIO)
  • ICT Operations Manager
  • ICT Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Digital Media Specialist

The complete list of the most difficult to find profiles is available here.

About the Author
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Valentina has more than 10 years experience in the elearning market. With a strong backgorund as Instructional designer, she acts since few years as elearning analyst.