Every potential enterprise wishes to achieve unparalleled success. But, that is not something easy to achieve, and there are several aspects worth considering in this context. As an entrepreneur, it will be amongst your prime responsibilities to encourage learning and skill development within your enterprise. And that is what most of the business owners have been doing for the last few years. However, the present times have a completely new story to narrate. Today, it is not just enough to train and teach the workforce working within your enterprise. Rather, it has also become imperative to impart proper training and technical to education to learners, operating beyond its borders. It is here that you will come across the concept of Extended Enterprise Learning.

What is EEL?

Aimed at training learners outside the boundaries of your firm, Extended Enterprise Learning can prove to be appropriate for channel-distribution partners, dealers, resellers, suppliers, franchisees and customers. Offering perfect training outside of the organization will prove to be a smart move towards enhancing business profitability and growth. Apart from that, this new age learning mode will help you maintain pristine quality throughout your supply chain.

Enhances business revenues

Embracing Extended Enterprise Learning or EEL can prove to be beneficial in ways more than one. Getting knowledgeable about its benefits will help you take a judicious decision. While offering certification training to your distribution or channel partners, you are teaching them to boost sales and credibility.

They will learn the art of boosting sales, hence driving success and generating huge revenues. As a passive effect, there will be considerable increases in your ROIs too. You also have the option of offering paid training to clients. In that way, you will directly earn revenues.

Lowers operational costs

EEL also plays the key part in bridging knowledge gaps existing within several professionals of your enterprise. There will be no issues of miscommunication, misinformation or confusion amongst clients and partners.

For providing a lucid access to your learners and keeping them updated on the latest enterprise learning trends, you can also choose Extended Enterprise e-Learning. It will serve as a unified knowledge hub for every enthusiastic learner. And all of them will enjoy easy access to this hub.

Promoting enterprise agility

Extended Enterprise Learning also performs wonders in helping your enterprise partners develop core competencies. Moreover, it also offers you the opportunity of changing products, services and modes of operation within your enterprise. With the availability of EEL, you can quickly train your partners in the manner of using these new services or products. Quite inevitably, that will result in increased flexibility for your business.

Ways of getting started

Comprehensive planning and judiciousness will surely help you reap the benefits of Extended Enterprise Learning. All you need to do is identify your targeted learner group, ensure that your learning content has 100% relevance, and market the learning program perfectly.

With such incredible benefits for entrepreneurs and enterprise professionals, EEL or Extended Enterprise Learning is surely the flag-bearer of new-age enterprise learning. And if you are still not opting for it, then you are inevitably missing out on golden opportunities of revenue generation.

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