According to KPMG‘s Global Lead of the HR Transformation Center, Paulette Welsing “predictive workforce analytics” could one day become as important as crucial financial statements for the CEO. Cloud computing address all the key performance areas of the human resources services. It is a one stop solution for the entire process entailing data that enhances all process inclusive of Managers, employees, trainers and consultants. Gradually business leaders and decision makers are shifting from traditional desktop HR softwares to cloud softwares.

Cloud HR software is chosen for its many benefits:

Knowledge Management

Cloud computing is an impactful when applied to the HR department. It makes it possible to record employee interactions as a viable source of retaining knowledge exchange culture within the organization.


With the advent of cloud technology HR Managers benefit from the umpteen advantages of Data Analytics and the ability to centralize the entire operations of human resources.

Access Data Anywhere Anytime

Cloud gives HR Managers the ability to access data anywhere anytime. This makes an ideal platform to leverage cloud softwares for manpower planning, recruitment, payroll processing and employee branding and engagement programs.

Return On Investment (ROI)

The measurable return on investment from cloud makes business leaders desirous of integrating technology with their current HR Systems. Critical decisions can be taken instantly as transparent data analytics is accessible.

As organizations grow rapidly across verticals and geographic time zones, human resources systems can be easily scaled up as and when required. The flexibility to leverage the software for onsite employees becomes a crucial and added advantage of cloud HR systems.

Overall  organization’s efficiency is achieved when cloud is effectively applied to the core of HR systems.

The only aspect that requires attention to detail in the entire process is the migration of data. Most old school leaders are apprehensive of having their data on a server that may or may not be within the premises of the company. Maintaining an in house server becomes a costly affair which is why successful organizations find external data centers as a cost effective solution.

HR Managers find the ease to deploy tasks, take timely feedback, address payroll processing and design KPI’s by integrating cloud based HR Systems. Smooth operations go hand in hand with promptness in the age of internet of things. Cloud is replacing existing HR softwares as decision makers can apply strategic thought and implement dynamic operations streamlining the vision of the company amongst its employees.

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