Which roles are required to start an e-learning team within your organization?

An e-learning team is responsible for analysis, design, creation and delivery of a solutions for closing the skills and performances gaps. And for alignment of the solutions with business goals.

You could start building your e-learning team with few people or with a large group depending on the project needs and the budget available. When I say “project needs” I mean mainly the “size” of the project in terms of final users (students) involved.
Yes because there are roles and skills you absolutely need even for a small sized project and other roles you may hire or not depending on the project size. Then, some roles could be hired part time (from other department or as freelance).

What you need to understand to start are roles and skills required to build a succesful e-learning team!
But I would like to suggest a third asset: roles, skills and tools. Yes because nowadays a professional with the right tool, said designed to perform exactly the task he need to, is a super professional that could boost the quality of your next e-learning project.

Here you find the major roles needed for an e-learning team:

  • Project Manager
  • Instructional designer
  • e-learning Administrator
  • Multimedia Specialist
  • Learning social media Manager

The Project Manager superintends the full life cycle of the project, schedules deliverables, ensures the team has the resources it needs to get the job done. Provides the business analysis to ensure that solutions are aligned with business and organizational goals. Finally the PM provides analytical insight into the effectiveness of technologies and service.

A PM usually needs a Project Management tool and here you find a list of top 10 project Management tools. Additionally, to provides useful analytical insights to top management, a PM should use a People Analytics tool. You can learn more about this brand new software category here at onthecloud.

The Learning Administrator or System Administrator oversees the Learning Management System.  With the advent of Cloud LMSs this role requires a new mix of IT skills and organizational skills. Sometimes this person is only partially involved, so I suggest to involve a colleague from the IT staff. The Learning Administrator is critical to the successful delivery of the content. The tool he manages is the Learning Management System and here you can find a selection of modern cloud LMSs.

The Instructional Designer an instructional designer is someone who creates and delivers educational training materials. He/she uses instructional design, cognitive psychology and adult learning theory to determine the appropriate solution to accomplish training goals. Works with subject matter experts to develop the content. The ID writes storyboards and scripts and works closely with the Multimedia specialist to turn storyboards into e-learning courses. A lot of freelance IDs develop online courses by themselves using modern Authoring tools.

The Learning Social Media Manager knows how to use social media and collaborative tools to facilitate learning. He combines social media usage skills with learning facilitator skills. His role is crucial when the project involves more than 1000 learners/final users or every time the project is a consumer e-learning one.

Usually the LMS system has internal features to communicate with learners. But these days organizations need to reach users when they already are, i.e on social networks. So it’s useful for this community manager to have a tool that helps him to manage all social network in one place: here you find a selection of tools.

The Multimedia Specialist creates course layout, graphics and animations. He produces and edits audio and video when required for a project. He shares with the Instructional designer the task to assembly the elements into a running course.

The Multimedia Specialist needs a tool for each media he manages. It’s better to use Cloud SaaS tool that you pay only for the time you use it. Then he needs to work with an authoring tool in team with the Instructional designer. Choosing the right Authoring tool it’s crucial. Here you find a list of the best Authoring tools on the market.

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Valentina has more than 10 years experience in the elearning market. With a strong backgorund as Instructional designer, she acts since few years as elearning analyst.