Before delving deep into the nuances of the topic, let us begin with a crucial question. Assuming that you are an entrepreneur, what is it that takes your firm to the peak of success? Well, the question might prepare the ground for some debate over several aspects. However, there is one common proposition that every entrepreneur will agree to.

Along with several other factors, it is your workforce that determines your business’ future. There is no denying the fact that employees are the key forces in driving innovation and performance in your enterprise. Therefore, attracting, developing and motivating top talents happen to be a necessity for passionate entrepreneurs.

Since both strategic and operational planning is critical to the unsurpassed performance of an enterprise, robust talent management systems have emerged as the need of the hour. However, it is important to keep yourself updated and follow the latest trends, in this context.

With the arrival of yet another new year, past HR trends that created a buzz in the last quarter are paving the path for innovation and ideas. Follow the article for a brief overview of the top talent management trends of 2016.

1.    Thinking on broader perspectives

The present times herald the emergence of diversified talents. If you are an entrepreneur, you will inevitably come across diverse talents looking for job opportunities. Some of these talents look for a stable career in only one organization. There are others simply wishing to acquire a few years of work experience. Apart from these two groups, there is a third group of individuals always in search of challenging job opportunities.

What you need to do as an entrepreneur is think big, and change certain perceptions about talent. The year 2016 will have numerous talented individuals for you if only, you can attract them.

2.    Dependency on scientific knowledge

Scientific knowledge happens to be a prime requisite in the HR arena. Intelligence and learning agility are the two main aspects worth looking for in 2016. As the result, your firm’s success will no longer depend on your gut feeling, but on your selection of talents with success traits.

3.    Say no to standardization

Employee appraisal is one of the prime aspects of talent management systems. You will have to ensure that your employees get motivated or prized according to their wish. As no two members of your workforce will be the same, it will not be quite judicious to offer standardized appraisal packages or perks. In 2016, customization will prove to be the key for perfect talent management.

4.    Paying attention to HR analytics

2015 heralded the significance of HR analytics, and the present year will take the trend further. Especially, with the advent and availability of business analytics tools and technology, 2016 will concentrate more on scientific and objective research in the talent sector.

5.    Implementation of gamification

Gamification is another significant highlight of 2016. With the arrival and introduction of gaming applications in every business arena, it won’t be a bad idea to introduce games to test the aptitude as well as cognitive capabilities of individuals.

So, if you wish to position your dream venture as a high-performance organization with sustainable-growth, these top 5 trends will be worth following.

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