In past 2 decades the Learning Management System has evolved and so are the features. Based on the latest surveys conducted by various agencies it is evident that for many enterprises the LMS has become a a mission critical application for delivering their training needs and they are higher expectations from the new age LMS. In this blog I have summarized some of the key features which a modern age enterprise LMS Must have.

1. Enteprise LMS Cloud Compatibility

With the evolution of cloud and it becoming the main stream for many large organisations to host all their enterprise application on cloud, even larger corporates are considering cloud LMS as the serious option. This allows them to align the LMS with their cloud strategy and help in training for multiplication workforce without worrying about the real infrastructure has made this offering more attractive and popular. The concern of data security is no more a valid reason for not hosting LMS on cloud.

2. Open APIs

A prerequisite for any kind of enterprise software and not just LMS, is the ability ( flexibility) to integrate with multiple other enterprise applications. This must allow users to login within the system without remembering too many passwords. The implementation of Single Sign On, Social App integrations, Salesforce Integration becomes easy and cost effective with availability of open API’s. Integration with LDAP, SAML2.0, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other social and enterprise sites is the need of the hour for large corporate to keep their learner engaged and open API’s always makes the job easy for IT department.

3. Gamification

Incorporating features similar to that found in virtual games can increase the overall competitiveness amongst the users and engage them into the process. Moreover, it provides latent motivation by providing points to be scored, badges to be earned and levels to be unlocked. Gamification over a period of time leads to the competitive and healthy learning environment and many large organisations are using this to promote their employees to think creatively and learn new concepts by the way of gamification. The rewards systems also are built around the same

4. Multi-device/Responsive Mobile LMS ( M-Learning)

With many organisations promoting BYOD policies within their organisations, LMS on mobile is a must for today’s mobile age generation. Many organisations uses mobile for delivering their training programme for the workforce which is always on the go. The mobile learning has become an integral part of L&D strategies and LMS supporting mobile learning is an unavoidable feature for enterprises.

5. Analytics and Advanced Reporting

Any enterprise LMS will be effective only if it is helping with the required analytics and reports to evaluate the effectiveness of the training programmes conducted. The reporting feature of an LMS must help in taking well informed decisions on learning and training strategies which leads to long term benefits for an organisations. An advance reporting feature with the flexibility to draw the inferences is the key for organisations to decide on people learning strategies.

Here, I have covered a high level details about the Enterprise LMS key features. If you are looking a detail list of features for your Enterprise LMS, I invite you to read a more comprehensive report on the Key LMS Trends and most important features required in a corporate LMS.

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